Land East of Kenilworth Development Brief

Ended on the 14th January 2019
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(4) CHAPTER 6 - Vision and Objectives

The Local Plan does not set out a specific vision for land East of Kenilworth although policies relating to design and strategic housing sites do give a strong indication of the high quality development that is expected to be delivered. Kenilworth Neighbourhood Plan Policy KP4 provides some further detail highlighting the local community's aspirations for the area. The vision in this document is considered to be in harmony and consistent with the requirements set out in the Neighbourhood Plan.

Land East of Kenilworth Vision:

Land East of Kenilworth will be developed comprehensively as a high quality, integrated development that creates a strong sense of place and sustainable neighbourhoods comprising an estimated 1,400 new dwellings, 8 hectares of employment land and other complementary community infrastructure.

Development proposals will be sensitively designed to respond to constraints and opportunities including existing landscaping and biodiversity, the existing road network and associated environmental considerations, heritage assets, topography and relationship with existing communities.

The new community will be fully integrated into the existing town and well connected to neighbouring settlements through appropriate highways infrastructure that encourages the safe and free flow of traffic, supports sustainable travel and use of public transport, and through a design and layout that encourages and promotes pedestrian and cycle movement and connects the site to existing routes.

A range of new housing, including affordable housing, with a mix of dwelling types, sizes and tenures will be provided to create a sustainable new community and meet a broad range of needs.

8 hectares of mixed B1 and B2 employment land will provide new residents and existing residents in the area access to significant and varied new employment opportunities within a high quality designed employment park.

Essential local facilities to serve the new community will be delivered including a Local Centre comprising a community centre, a public park with recreation facilities and a network of play areas. Furthermore, early years, primary, secondary and further education facilities will be delivered to meet the needs of residents.

Existing mature landscaping and woodland will be retained except where their removal demonstrably enhances the development and the development will provide attractive and usable green spaces that are connected providing green corridors through the site. The green corridors will also be designed to support ecology and biodiversity.

The development will have characteristics that encourage a strong sense of community and healthy lifestyles and will include high quality sustainably designed buildings and public realm and attractive and usable greenspaces.

Land East of Kenilworth Objectives:

  1. Delivery of a mix of housing to create a sustainable community
  2. Delivery of high quality employment land and employment opportunities that are compatible with adjacent uses
  3. Delivery of an effective and efficient transport system
  4. Delivery of social and community infrastructure including new education establishments to support the new community
  5. Delivery of a high quality environment with a strong sense of place that responds sensitively to and takes advantages of the existing environmental characteristics of the site including greenspaces, ecology and heritage assets
  6. Promoting a healthy and safe community
  7. Promoting high quality design
  8. Delivery of utilities and infrastructure to meet the needs of the development
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