Village Housing Options and Settlement Boundaries

Ended on the 20 January 2014

(9)1. Introduction

1.1 This publication sets out Warwick District Council’s (WDC) preferred village site allocations for new housing and indicative proposals for new village boundaries. It has been prepared as a basis for public consultation to help inform a new Local Plan for Warwick District.

1.2 The Council’s Revised Development Strategy (June 2013) set out a collection of housing growth proposals for the villages. This document provides further information about the specific preferred site options identified to support housing development in the villages. It is based upon a considerable amount of technical research which is available as separate appendices to the main publication.

1.3 As indicated in the Revised Development Strategy and supporting Draft Settlement Hierarchy Report on the villages, the outcome of the additional research covering a number of issues including ecology, landscape and Green Belt has been to fine-tune development levels for villages. The evidence base on the physical sites is evolving, particularly as further detailed information becomes available about deliverability.

1.4 This document covers housing development proposals for the following previously identified growth villages: Baginton, Barford, Bishop’s Tachbrook, Burton Green, Cubbington, Hampton Magna, Hatton Park, Kingswood, Leek Wootton, and Radford Semele. Following further research and discussions, a very limited range of growth is also proposed for the smaller settlements of Hatton Station, Hill Wootton and Shrewley Common. This includes the identification of preferred housing options.

1.5 Feedback from this consultation on village sites and boundary considerations will be used to establish a finalised list of proposals for the villages to be potentially integrated into the Submission Draft Local Plan or a supporting Development Plan Document (DPD) on the villages, subject to timetabling.

1.6 The consultation period for this publication runs for 8 weeks from 25 November 2013 to 20 January 2014. The consultation has been extended beyond the traditional 6 week period due to the Christmas and New Year holiday.

1.7 There are a wide range of opportunities to make comments on this document, including on-line, via e-mail and in writing – details of which are provided at the end of this publication. The Council will also be running a series of consultation events in the key villages proposed for housing growth. This is a good opportunity to find out more about the proposals.

For instructions on how to use the system and make comments, please see our help guide.
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