Kenilworth Neighbourhood Plan - Submission

Ended on the 18 May 2018


Kenilworth is a great community which attracts people to live, work and visit. It has good homes, outstanding schools, attractive surroundings, health facilities, sports facilities and work places. The heritage of the past, the historic sites and the resultant green spaces and abundant trees within the town all add to the unique character. We now have an opportunity to plan for the future and welcome new facilities and new people to our town.

The purpose of the Neighbourhood Plan is to affect planning decisions in a way that will benefit the residents, workers and visitors to Kenilworth. In the plan you will find policies that will influence traffic and transport, design and heritage, economic development and social and green policies. These policies have been developed through the participation of residents in the production of the plan.

This plan addresses the key issues that face the town over the next twenty years. It defines how development can enhance the town and what facilities are needed to ensure that Kenilworth continues to be a town we love and are proud of.

Many residents, community organisations, and professional advisors have contributed to this document. Each person has bought their own expertise and perspective and we are very grateful that Kenilworth residents have enthusiastically participated in the consultation process. We have seen how much Kenilworth people care about their town.

Once the Neighbourhood Plan is 'made', it, together with the Warwick District Local Plan becomes part of the statutory development plan for the town. This means that all planning applications in the plan area must be determined in accordance with the policies in the plan unless material considerations indicate otherwise.

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