Net Zero Carbon Development Plan Document - Regulation 19

Ended on the 8 June 2022
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(1) 10 Existing Buildings

(2) Policy NZC4: Existing Buildings

All developments should demonstrate a consideration to sustainable construction and design in accordance with Local Plan Policy CC1 'Planning for Climate Change Adaptation'.

In addition, all development should consider alternatives to conventional fossil fuel boilers. This should be explored through a Low/Zero Carbon assessment of low carbon energy supply options within the submitted application documents.

Development proposals which would result in considerable improvements to the energy efficiency, carbon emissions and/or general suitability, condition and longevity of existing buildings will be supported, with significant weight attributed to those benefits.

The sensitive retrofitting of energy efficiency measures and the appropriate use of micro-renewables in historic buildings, including listed buildings, locally listed buildings and buildings within conservation areas will be encouraged, providing the special characteristics of the heritage assets are conserved in a manner appropriate for their significance.

10.1 This DPD aims to minimise carbon emissions resulting from new development to support the achievement of local and national carbon reduction targets. Existing buildings (residential and commercial) are estimated to contribute around 40% of carbon emissions across the District. Retrofitting the existing building stock therefore presents a significant opportunity to reduce the District's carbon deficit. It will often not be possible to retrofit existing buildings to the same level of fabric efficiency required for new buildings under Policy NZC1 and NZC2(A). Policy NZC4 therefore provides a positive approach to reducing carbon emissions in existing buildings through low carbon energy supply, energy efficiency measures and micro-renewables whilst recognising this needs to be sensitive in historic contexts.

10.2 For existing buildings an average heating energy demand of 40kWh/m² should be used as a target for proposals involving alterations, extensions and changes of use. Detailed guidance for existing buildings is provided by LETI's Climate Emergency Retrofit Guide[8].



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