Net Zero Carbon Development Plan Document - Regulation 19

Ended on the 8 June 2022
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(9) 4 Aims and Objectives

(1) 4.1 Aim

4.1.1 This DPD aims to minimise carbon emissions from new buildings within the District to support the achievement of national and local carbon reduction targets set out in section 1.1 and paragraph 2.5 above. From adoption (and earlier where possible) the DPD will aim to ensure all new developments (as set out on para 5.11) should be net zero carbon in operation. For the purposes of this DPD net zero carbon relates to regulated operational energy, which results from fixed building services and fittings (space heating, cooling, hot water, ventilation and lighting).

4.1.2 In achieving this aim, the DPD will ensure that new development does not add to the District's carbon deficit and will therefore ensure that the significant cost of retrofitting buildings to achieve net zero carbon does not increase.


(2) 4.2 Objectives

4.2.1 Objective 1: To provide a clear policy framework to enable developers to understand the requirements for planning proposals to ensure new buildings are planned and constructed to be net zero carbon in operation.

4.2.2 Objective 2: To ensure practical and viable low carbon building standards that can be applied to new buildings.

4.2.3 Objective 3: To support the consideration of low carbon energy sources as part of development proposals.

4.2.4 Objective 4: As a last resort, to provide the policy framework for addressing residual carbon from new buildings through a robust carbon offsetting policy.


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