Custom & Self-build SPD

Ended on the 8 March 2019
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(3) Introduction & Purpose

Custom and self-build housing is an aspect of housebuilding that the government is keen to promote and expand. It offers an alternative and financially accessible model for home owners, as well as helping deliver energy efficient, well designed and bespoke properties.

Following the Self-build and Custom Housebuilding Act 2015, and the subsequent Housing and Planning Act 2016, and in accordance with the Self-build and Custom Housebuilding (Register) Regulations 2016, Warwick District Council maintains a Custom and Self-build register in order to monitor interest and to quantify the volume of plots that suitable planning permission should be granted. The Act states that "a development permission is "suitable" if it is permission in respect of development that could include self-build and custom housing" (para 10.6).

This document responds to these challenges, as well as to Policy H15 in the district's Local Plan. The following Supplementary Planning Document will clearly lay out the requirements of custom and self-build plots, helping those who wish to bring forward self- build plots either for themselves or others, and thereby assist appropriate delivery. This document should be read in parallel with the Warwick District Council Local Plan.


Custom build houses are properties commissioned by people from a builder, contractor or package company.

Self-build housing is when people physically build their homes themselves, sometimes with help from sub-contractors.

In either case, it is expected that the dwelling will be the principle residence for the owner for at least the following three years.

The provision of a plot for either custom or self-build requires an appropriate highway along with the basic utilities brought to the edge of the plot.

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