Parking Standards SPD

Ended on the 7th May 2018
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Non-residential cycle parking

How much cycle parking?

5.1 The minimum standards for the amount of cycle parking for different types of development are set out in table 2. Non-residential developments of all types and scale will be expected to achieve these standards.

Cycle parking – how should it beincorporated?

5.2 The following principles for siting and designing cycle parking should be demonstrably incorporated into development proposals:

• Shared cycle storage should be sited in a location that is easily legible from the point(s) of entry to the site.

• It should be as closely sited to the main entrance or entrances as possible, with a clear, safe and attractive route to the entrance(s) on foot. It should not in itself however obstruct pedestrian desire lines/routes to and from the building or buildings

• Cycle storage should be sited to benefit from natural surveillance from the associated building or buildings, and any external activity/movement.

• Cycle storage provision should be secure

• External storage should be lit for convenience and security, and routes to and from the building or buildings should also be lit as appropriate

• Storage space should be covered to protect bicycles from the elements wherever possible, and always for long stay provision.

Other considerations

• Where cycle storage provision may be used by workers and commuters, provision should be made for shower and changing facilities to be integrated into the development.

If you are having trouble using the system, please try our help guide.
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