Sustainable Buildings SPD

Ended on the 13th October 2008
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(3) 3.  Meeting the Requirement

(1) 3.1 The applicant will be expected to submit an Energy Statement along with the planning application to demonstrate how the requirements of this SPD have been met.

3.2 Following the guidance set out in this SPD the statement should include the following information:

Energy Statement Checklist

Maximise Energy Efficiency (Section 6)

  • A detailed description of how the design, layout and orientation of the development maximises energy efficiency. For example, how does the development optimise passive solar gain, how does the design encourage natural ventilation?
  • Will other measures such as energy efficient lighting or cavity wall insulation be implemented?

(2) Code for Sustainable Homes (Section 6)

  • In the case of residential development, what level of the Code for Sustainable Homes will be met? This should be in line with the Government’s aim of achieving zero carbon by 2016.

(2) Preparing for Climate Change (Section 6)

  • What consideration has been given to ensuring that the development will be capable of adapting to the future impacts of climate change? For example ensuring that the potential for overheating is limited through the choice of materials.

Implementing Renewable Technologies (Section 7)

  • Does the application include a detailed statement of how at least 10% of the predicted energy demand of the development will be provided through renewable sources? What type of renewable technology will be implemented, and what proportion of energy will this provide?

(1) Low Carbon Technologies (Section 7)

  • Does the scheme incorporate Combined Heat and Power? Has the potential for CHP been considered in developments of 10 dwellings or 1000 sq m or over?

Water Conservation (Section 8)

  • What measures have been included to encourage water conservation such as greywater recycling?

(1) Sustainable Urban Drainage (Section 8)

  • How the development has has been designed to incorporate Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems such as porous paving and soakaways?
  • If SUDS are not included what justification has been provided?

Obtaining Planning Permission

(1) 3.3 To ensure compliance with this SPD the Council would encourage applicants to enter into pre application discussions prior to the submission of a planning application. The applicant should contact the designated renewables officer to discuss which type of technology and energy efficiency measures may be appropriate.

3.4 Planning conditions will be attached as part of the planning permission to ensure that renewable energy equipment is installed and operational prior to any unit being operated, occupied or sold.

Building Regulations

3.5 The Council will expect applicants to meet the expectations of this SPD above and in conjunction with the requirement to comply with current building regulations as these are progressively tightened in order to achieve the government’s aim for zero carbon homes by 2016 (see section 6).


3.6 The installation of renewable technologies will be monitored by the Council’s building control officers. Where the Council’s officers are not used the applicant will need to provide a completion certificate to show that the technology has been installed correctly.

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