Alternative Sites Consultation

Ended on the 9 April 2010


1.1 This document has been prepared by Warwick District Council in order to provide you with an opportunity to comment on possible future housing developments. This consultation forms part of the process the Council are undertaking in preparing its Core Strategy. Appendix One contains details about the Core Strategy and its programme.

1.2 In July 2009, the Council published the Core Strategy Preferred Options Paper which can be viewed at The Paper identified a number of potential sites for future housing and employment development to meet the District's long term needs, and was subject to a 12 week period of consultation from July to September.

1.3 In response to the Preferred Options Paper, a number of landowners/developers have put forward alternative sites for development. These are new sites that have not previously been considered by the Council. In order for the Council to properly consider these alternative sites before preparing its draft Core Strategy, they are being made available for your comment.

1.4 Details of the alternative sites are available to view below, and you can submit your comments using the online response form on our website or by email using the attached questionnaire. Alternatively, paper copies of this Consultation Paper are available to view at your local Council office or library and responses can be submitted by post to the address below.

1.5 It is stressed that this consultation does not imply any indication as to the suitability of these sites for development, or of any support for the development of these sites by the Council. The purpose of this consultation is to provide the public and organisations an opportunity to put forward their views on the possible development of these sites before the Council considers whether or not they should be identified within in its draft Core Strategy. The Council also wish to make clear that their consideration of these sites does not alter the priority given to the reuse of suitable previously developed land, before developing greenfield land.

1.6 For further information, please contact:


Phone: 01926 456504 or 456331


Post: Planning Policy Team, Development Services, Riverside House, Milverton Hill, Leamington Spa, CV32 5QH

For instructions on how to use the system and make comments, please see our help guide.
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