Local Validation List

[estimated] Ended on the 3 April 2018
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1. National Validation Requirements:

Application Form:

There are various different application forms for different types of development which can be found here. The application form also includes Ownership Certificates and Agricultural Land Declarations which must be completed. More information about certificates and the application form can be found here and in Section 4.


The fees required for various applications, and any exceptions which may be applicable, are set out here. A fee calculator is available here. You can pay your fee in the following ways: Through the Planning Portal when submitting an application; BACS; and Online here.

Design and Access Statement:

A Design and Access Statement is required in the following circumstances:

  • Development defined as 'major development'[1]
  • Development in a designated area[2] consisting of:
    • The provision of one or more dwellings
    • The provision of buildings where the floorspace created is 100sq m or more More information on how to write a Design and Access statement can be found here.


1. Site Location Plan. Must be based on an up-to-date OS map (please ensure you have permission to use the map). A scale of 1:1250 should be used and the map should show the site and at least two named roads. You can purchase a site location plan here. The development site should be edged in red with any other land close to or adjoining the site within the same ownership edged in blue. The red line should include all land necessary to carry out the development (e.g. access to the site up to the adopted highway, landscaping, car parking and open areas).

2. Site/Block Plan. Showing the existing and proposed site at a scale of 1:200 or 1:500.

[1] For a definition of Major Development, please refer to Section 4.

[2] A designated area means a Conservation Area or property appearing on the World Heritage List.

If you are having trouble using the system, please try our help guide.
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