Sustainability Appraisal, Main Mods 2017

[estimated] Ended on the 5th May 2017
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4.1 Proposed Main Modifications (MMs) have been made to the Warwick District Local Plan following the consultation on the Proposed Modifications to the Local Plan in February 2016 as a result of updated evidence, concerns raised from consultation, discussion during the Examination (2015), and the Inspector's initial views [EXAM 23], and the resumed Examination (2016). These MMs are required to make the Local Plan sound and capable of adoption.  Most changes to the Local Plan are concerned with correcting errors, addressing omissions, updating, and providing clarity.

4.2 As part of the iterative and ongoing SA process, the proposed Main Modifications were screened for their significance with regard to the SA process and any likely significant effects. Many of the MMs were addressed in the initial SA Addendum Report (February & June 2016) that accompanied the Proposed Modifications on public consultation from 11 March to 22 April 2016. This report only appraises the effects of MMs that have not already been addressed through the 2016 SA Addendum Report.

4.3 Overall, and as reported in the previous SA Addendum (February 2016), the uplift in housing numbers (in comparison with the submitted Local Plan) is likely to increase the significance of positive effects for housing and communities, by addressing a known housing issue within the wider Housing Market Area. However, also as reported in the SA Addendum (February 2016), the uplift is likely to increase the significance of negative effects, particularly in relation to traffic/transport and landscape, which will be cumulative in the longer-term. Other modifications confirm mitigation measures and reduce uncertainties in the earlier SAs.

4.4 The Main Modifications and accompanying evidence, including this Further SA Addendum Report, will be placed on public consultation in March 2017. Any representations received will be taken into account by the Inspector in his final considerations of the soundness of the Local Plan. When the Local Plan is found sound, it will be adopted and a SA/SEA Adoption Statement will be prepared in accordance with statutory requirements.

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