Gypsy and Traveller Site Options

Ended on the 29th July 2013
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(19) 7. Local Plan Requirements

7.1 Warwick District Local Plan 1996 - 2011:

Previous surveys had indicated that there was no need and therefore requirement for sites to accommodate Gypsies and Travellers in the District during this time period. There was therefore no policy included within the Local Plan to address this.

7.2 Emerging New Warwick District Local Plan:

In March 2012, the government issued guidance in its document 'Planning Policy for Traveller Sites'. The requirements of this document have been incorporated into the emerging Local Plan.

7.3 The Preferred Options of the Local Plan suggested the following draft policy which contains the criteria by which sites would be assessed for suitability:

"The Council will bring forward site(s) under a Gypsy and Traveller Sites Allocation Development Plan Document, using the following policy criteria:

  • Convenient access to a GP surgery, school, and public transport;
  • Avoiding areas with a high risk of flooding;
  • Safe access to the road network and provision for parking, turning and servicing on site;
  • Avoiding areas where there is the potential for noise and other disturbance;
  • Provision of utilities (running water, toilet facilities, waste disposal, etc);
  • Avoiding areas where there could be adverse impact on important features of the natural and historic environment; and,
  • Sites which can be integrated into the landscape without harming the character of the area. Site development will accord with national guidance on site design and facility provision."

7.4 To fully accord with the provisions of 'Planning Policy for Traveller Sites', additional criteria need to be incorporated so that the policy:

  • promotes peaceful and integrated co-existence between the site and the local community
  • avoids placing undue pressure on local infrastructure and services
  • reflects the extent to which traditional lifestyles (whereby some travellers live and work from the same location thereby omitting many travel to work journeys) can contribute to sustainability.
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