Issue and Options 2023

Ended on the 6 March 2023

South Warwickshire Local Plan Part 1 - Stage 2: Issues and Options Consultation

January 2023

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This Issues and Options consultation is the second stage in preparing the South Warwickshire Local Plan – a new Plan for Stratford-on-Avon and Warwick Districts, following the Scoping and Call for Sites consultation in 2021. The new Local Plan will affect the way we live, work, visit and play in South Warwickshire to 2050. As well as working collaboratively on this Plan, both Councils are also preparing other plans on specific topics relevant to their District. Those plans are entirely separate to this South Warwickshire Local Plan.

A Local Plan sets out the planning policies that the councils will use to assess applications for development as well as identifying (allocating) sites for new development proposals to meet our future development needs in terms of housing and job growth.

It is proposed that this Part 1 of the South Warwickshire Local Plan will set out the overall strategy for the pattern, scale and design quality of places within South Warwickshire, and make sufficient provision for housing, employment, retail, leisure and other commercial development, along with infrastructure, community facilities, conservation and enhancement of the natural, built and historic environment and planning measures to address climate change mitigation and adaptation. Primarily, the Local Plan sets out how we will grow the South Warwickshire economy and create jobs through delivery of the net zero carbon agenda. It will ensure that the necessary infrastructure and the right type and number of homes are delivered to support the level of jobs we want to see across South Warwickshire to 2050.

The adoption of this overarching Part 1 would then enable other 'Part 2' planning policy documents to come forward and set out detailed policies for specific areas, neighbourhoods or types of development. This could include allocating sites and the provision of infrastructure at a local level, establishing design principles and setting out other more detailed planning policies.

The first part of the document (chapter 1 and chapter 2) explains the context for preparing the Local Plan, what we have done so far and how you can get involved.

Chapter 3 sets out the vision and strategic objectives centred around five overarching principles that will underpin the Plan and sit at its heart:

  • A climate resilient and net zero carbon South Warwickshire
  • A well-designed and beautiful South Warwickshire
  • A healthy, safe and inclusive South Warwickshire
  • A well-connected South Warwickshire
  • A biodiverse and environmentally resilient South Warwickshire

Chapter 4 provides the options for how South Warwickshire's development needs can be met sustainably including a range of potential spatial growth options and identified locations for possible new settlements. This is based on high-level assessment work and we want to hear your views on these options to inform which locations we explore in more detail.

Chapter 5 and chapter 6 set out the policy options for delivering the area's economic and housing needs, followed by chapters 7-11 which set out the remaining policy options under the 5 overarching principles.

Chapter 12 sets out the approach we are proposing with regard to Part 1 and Part 2 Plans, and how existing adopted policies will be dealt with through this approach, while Chapter 13 provides a glossary to this Issues and Options consultation.

A second 'Call for Sites' is running simultaneously with this consultation. This is an opportunity to submit land/sites to us so that it can be assessed and considered through the plan-making process. Land which was submitted in the previous Call for Sites exercise in 2021 should not be provided again unless there are proposed changes to the boundary or the proposed use.

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