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Sustainability Appraisal - Publication Draft

Sustainability Appraisal - Publication Draft

Representation ID: 66723

Received: 26/06/2014

Respondent: Baginton Parish Council

Representation Summary:

The sections of this document referring to Baginton do not include a consideration of the effects on the
village and surrounding areas of the decision to remove the Green Belt, the provision of the Gateway
Development or the up to date census data. There has been no consultation following the councils decision
to remove the Green Belt. As such this proposal is unsound, you have failed to corporate and procedure has
not been properly followed.
In conclusion, the Local Plan proposals MUST protect the openness of the Green Belt countryside which
surrounds our rural village and our neighbouring rural villages from urban sprawl of Coventry into
Warwickshire and from inappropriate development with no special circumstances, retaining the Green Belt.
The current proposals are contrary to these fundamental requirements of the NPPF.
You have not paid attention to the needs or desires of the Parish Council and local residents, wilfully ignored
our requests and not even consulted us when changing your policy at the last minute to exclude the areas
from the Green Belt. The Green Belt must not be removed to pave the way for inappropriate development.
In addition, you have not adequately considered the alternatives and contravened process, basing the Local
Plan on excessive superseded growth projections.

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