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Net Zero Carbon Development Plan Document - Regulation 19

Representation ID: 72177

Received: 08/06/2022

Respondent: Warwick District Labour Party

Representation Summary:

Set specific and more ambitious emission standards

Specify BREEAM where appropriate (and another standard or standards where not) and and by category at maximum energy credits.

WDC to be explicit in leading by example

Full text:

1.1.2 Set specific and ambitious maximum carbon emission standards. Can we adopt specific carbon emission targets in kwhr/m2/yr (not just percentages) as is widely recommended? And make the energy efficiency first principle first and more strongly - the cheapest energy is the energy we do not use.
Where in the document do we specify BREEAM for all developments, domestic and non-domestic now that CC3 is being superseded? Or does BREEAM apply only to non-residential buildings - in which case what standard for residential is being specified?
Each BREEAM standard needs to be specifically set by category and date and at maximum energy credits NOT very good to eliminate any non carbon emission/energy loopholes being exploited.
1.1.3 WDC as building and landowner should already be leading more strongly by example, by applying the proposed DPD standards - or better - in all projects since the CEAP was adopted, not waiting for formal DPD adoption; for example in Kenilworth Leisure, Spencer Yard and any others from WDC or partners in the pipeline.